Vacation...all I ever wanted

A beautiful relaxing trip for my Dad's 80th birthday. Oh, who am I kidding. I was ready for a vacation too! Started in New Hampshire, where we had a celebratory dinner with my Dad's two best friends from childhood. What a treat! The next day took us into Kennebunkport. Of course a must-see was the Bush family compound. Surrounded by a characteristically rocky New England shoreline, but not at all ostentatious. We enjoyed some chowda and seafood for lunch. Subsequent days took us along Route 1 through Kittery and Portland. The journey home took us back through Dad's hometown of Lowell. I do love New England, it's quaintness, beauty and quiet strength. I'll be back.


In the aftermath of today's horrifying events, I must make a concerted effort to remind myself of the good in the world.   The people who stop to help strangers, the people who pray, the people who love.  Am I angry?  Yes.  Am I sad?  Immensely.   Do these feelings help anyone? No.   What can I do?  I can be more patient in traffic.  I can smile more at strangers.   I can slow down.  There is still beauty in the world...let me be a reminder.


The sound you hear from me after I make a big purchase from B&H.  Well big for me anyway.  I'm stepping up my game and buying a "real" tripod and ball head, courtesy of Manfrotto.  (Not sure I should say courtesy, since I am paying a pretty penny for them!)  I've had the items in my cart for several days, reading every single review.   I bit the bullet half an hour ago and clicked the "place order" button.  Just do it, the famous slogan said.    Everyone has their toys...mine come from the photography mecca up on I-95.